Sunday, March 15, 2015


THANK YOU for 3 - almost 4 - years of great experiences, for reading my stories, for enjoying my little blog with all what was in it (outfits, travels, events, fashion everything).

This is not a goodbye forever. But a goodbye for now. Goodbye tha.Darlinh. This blog is a huge part of me and letting go is a fucking hard step for me. But it has to be done. During the last year already I have been a crappy blogger, being consistent for maybe 2 weeks and then letting everything slip for at least a month. For the past month the connection to the domain wasn't working anymore and of course I did care but not enough to set it on top of my priority list to fix it. In fact it went down pretty low on my list...

Do it with passion or not at all. With a full-time fashion study, a job at WALD Berlin, my styling career and what I currently try to sell myself as a private life - the blog simply doesn't get to receive the passion it deserves. The passion with which I started it.

I want to keep pursuing my dreams and aims but with more focus and let myself enjoy and appreciate a little bit more. Last week I accompanied dance crew Team Recycled to its musical camp, where I did my styling part for the "I am Jonny Musical". It was both the best thing ever to spend time with the coolest dancers around and doing the job that I love...but also it was killing me that I let my own dancing slip after graduation so much. Dancing is a part of my life that I want and need to increase again just for myself as long as I still can. Just for myself for a change.

Puh - I think there is so much more that I thought about in the past that led to this decision, but writing this is already hard enough, I think I will stop here...All in all I hope you understand. I mean, you know, I'm not out of the world - I think I might even go berserk on my instagram (@thadarlinh) from now on ;-)


Yours, Anh