Wednesday, November 19, 2014

tha.Darlinh goes into HOLIDAYS

Dear friends,
I am already about to take back what I am about to announce next because it absolutely breaks my heart. No worries, I am not quiting the blog!
But tha.Darlinh is officially taking a break from the blogger world for a while. I guess it was already obvious for a few weeks thanks to the non consistent updates on here. The thing is, I really don't want to do things - especially when it comes to this blog - half-heartedly. What is the case right now.
I am still struggling to find the exact point of where I am stuck.
It might be a lack of energy because lately I feel like I used most of it for all the big things that happened in 2014 so far (my own fashion collection and runway show, everything concerning LEANon Styling and then tossing my only holidays of the year to assist at the big German tv production "Rising Star").
It might be the lack of days off that I had, because I think I could count them on my fingers. On relation to 356 days probably not so healthy.

To fix the reasons I want to cut off some pressure for the rest of the year. Means I will miss the whole Christmas season with you BUT I mean there is always Instagram (@thadarlinh).

Good news is that the date for the break end is also already set.  I will be back on December 31st for the Best Of 2014 post! And afterwards start refreshed into a new and bigger blogging year. I promise it will be fun, I am already looking forward to it.

One more thing on the to do list for me is finding new additions to my photographer team. I would love to work with new people to get some fresh air on here. Also my wonderful Yuliya for example is starting to be so successful with her own projects as well - babe I am so proud of you! - time schedules just don't match anymore.
SO if you are a photographer (in development or already working - as long as you are motivated to do a shoot with me and love what you do, I am open) and based in Berlin, write me an e-mail: .
We would probably start with one outfit as test. From there it is up to the working atmosphere, results and of course you, whether you would like to be a solid part of the tha.Darlinh crew - means more outfits, coming along to events and fashion weeks and so much more.

Looking forward to hear from you!

Otherwise we will hopefully see each other back here on December 31st. THANK. YOU. I. LOVE. YOU. ALL. SO. MUCH.




So therefore this is the last outfit post of the year :)

sneakers - Vans via Def-Shop
shirt - The Hundreds 
pants - Zara
bag&denim jacket - H&M Trend (old)

photography // Yuliya Maltseva

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