Sunday, October 19, 2014


So in London I fell for that skirt thing quite much. After I bought that glittery pencil skirt on the first day, I decided to get out my only dress that I brought along and dress it down as a skirt by throwing a sporty cropped t-shirt on top.
Easy but thanks to the psychedelic print of the Frida Weyer dress an effective look.

Always has been a fan of repurposing things and will probably always be. This way I think I might actually wear the dress more often! Do you have dresses in your closet that you barely wear? Maybe give it a skirt try - huh? :)

top - Weekday
dress as skirt - Frida Weyer
boots - Asos
copper bracelets - Floralpunk

photography // Yuliya Maltseva

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1 comment :

  1. cool! love the skirt and boots <3