Friday, September 19, 2014


Yay, finally edited the first pictures from London. As always I travelled over one day earlier than the start of London Fashion Week to enjoy the city a little bit and get prepared. 
My day started almost right after the LEANon Styling Party on Wednesday. After the event I got home, packed the rest of my stuff, slept maybe two hours and went to the airport around 5 a.m. to take my flight. Arrived in what feels like my second home already, I made my way to my hostel in Kensington, passing Victoria Station. There I had to take a few first pictures because I simply love the  bright environment there.

From there I met up with my friend Sarah who is doing an internship in London at the moment to collect my invitations which were sent to her place. Strolling through the streets alone I stumbled over a sweet thrift shop called Traid. They had a huge sale and so I went in and actually found a few nice pieces. For example the slightly glittering pencil skirt from Dorothy Perkins which I put on right away. 

Next stop in the afternoon was Westminster Station. Lovely Van Anh spared a few minutes from her London guiding tour to her friends to take a few outfit photos with me. So sweet to see people being in London for the first time. I still remember my first time in the city and it is still every time such a blast of inspiration.

wool sweater - COS
hoodie - Tom Tailer
skirt - Dorothy Perkins
bag - Whyred
shoes - Vans

You know that feeling when you just long for a certain meal? I walked by Mr. Pancake and though I know it is over-expensive luring all the tourists (ok. no comment, I am also a tourist in London, haha) I had to buy one. "The Big Ben" with Nutella, Banana and Cream was heaven though :D 

These leopard Slip On Vans are clearly the best decision in terms of London Fashion Week Pre-Shopping. I found them on Defshop - luckily, because I quickly decided to wear them everyday boycotting the heels that I planned for my fashion week outfits but which would have killed my feet and therefore mood. 

In the evening I went to Canarby Style Night. A complete different and amazing story which I will tell you about in the next post. xx

outfit photography // Van Anh from Chopstick Panorama

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