Monday, September 15, 2014


Before I start spoiling you with all my London Fashion Week pictures, I share with you my last outfit from Berlin. An all black day for an afternoon coffee with lovely Nelly. Totally unusual I decided to put on heels – maybe as practice for London. But that would have been for nothing anyway because I spent my whole time there in flats – my feet say thanks. At the end of each day they hurt no matter what since it's all about walking from place to place, between the underground lines, standing and only sitting when in the tube (if I am lucky to find a seat). 
Anyway Nelly and I haven't seen each other for too long, so we enjoyed the time and took a few photos in between. 
No, the people weren't looking over questioningly at all like we were some weird kids playing around... (Bazinga!) - but who cares, we laughed, we had fun and I like the cozy book shelve background. 

I am wearing my Just Female tiger embroidered cropped sweatshirt, black slim suit pants and semi see-through heels, topped with my current favourite jewellery. 

 sweater - Juste Female
pants - Mango
shoes - H&M
bracelet - WALDXEllisue ; Trois Petits Points

photography // Nelly Negret

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