Saturday, September 13, 2014

LEANon Styling Anniversary Party

„Why are you doing this?“ A question I am asking myself and get asked quite often. Well, I am a person who works a lot with to-do lists. It gives me such a satisfaction and joy crossing things off a bulleted paper. And though it is not actually on paper (yet, haha) there is a life list somewhere in my mind including the smallest and biggest dreams I can imagine. Those need to be worked off!  

So one of those plans includes hosting a fashion event. After last Wednesday I am able to put a tick behind that point as well. Together with my styling partner and good friend Léonie Cujé, I organized a party to celebrate the one year anniversary of our LEANon Styling.

One year of fabulous projects, jobs and experience with many various creatives of Berlin city and beyond. THANK YOU again everyone who was involved somewhere on the way.  

It was a splendid night spent with family, friends, creative collegues and a lot of fun and laughters. We enjoyed drinks sponsored by Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin and Our/Berlin Vodka served in cute jars - inspired from Leó's recent trip to New York. Since I am not a big fan of alcohol we also had a broad selection of water from Vöslauer. Their new Vöslauer Balance products are so delicious! I mean strawberry-pepper flavor sounds weird but is simply great. I am a fan now.
What night would it be without a few snacks? Suiting the Vietnamese origined location we served prawn crackers and summer roles – homemade with love by me. :-)
We chose to celebrate at Galerie Silk & Embroidery. My parent's new concept store in Berlin Mitte which is half gallery. Lucky us, the big location shielded us and all our guests from the rain outside.

All in all it is super time consuming and nerve stretching to organize an event but fun stress is good stress. In the end I have the best partner in crime at my side. Even though we don't always have the same opinion we learn from, accept and understand each other just the way we are. HAPPY.

Oh and to get back to the beginning...why now? Yes, I am only 19 and crazy me decided to do a fashion event almost all by myself? I guess the answer is that I am so eager to work my inner aims off just to add new and bigger ones. Never ending story. You will hear from me haha!  

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