Saturday, September 27, 2014

Carnaby Style Night + LONDON STORE LOVE with Lazy Oaf

As promised, today I am telling you about the evening of my first day in London. As usual, the non-fashion week day. Though that doesn't mean that I am not anyway doing something with fashion.
In fact, I visited the Carnaby Style Night. I guess you could compare it to the Vogue Fashion Night Out in Berlin - only that in London it is presented GQ Magazine. It takes place in the cutest shopping area in the UK capital, around Carnaby Street not far from the popular Oxford Circus. 
Thanks to the narrow streets, colorful houses, small boutiques and glittering decoration it seemed a lot more like a street festival. Everywhere was music but not only the electronic music you would hear in Berlin but fun a capella pop performances right on the street at the Blush store for example. 

A wonderful surrounding and atmosphere to discover new stores and brands. I just wandered around absolutely fascinated. 

And indeed I stumbled over a shop that strongly caught my attention. LAZY OAF. The fun colorful clothing in a complete white environment, people sitting outside chatting - it seemed like a coherent harmony. So I went in. 

The London based brand founded in 2001 by Gemma Shiel creates awesome pop fashion by playing with cartoons, graphic designs, always implementing a weirdness that makes you smile. Definitely philosophy that I love! Fashion is so serious way to often if you ask me.

Apart from their we-just-do-it attitude fashion, I fell in love with their gift cards. The I LUCKING FOVE YOU one is hanging over my desk right now and I can't help it but smile every time I look up. I could have bought all of them though...I think I stood 20 minutes in front of their selection deciding which ones to take on my low traveling budget. 

pics via

A little selection of my favorites from the Lazy Oaf online store ! The pizza necklace makes me feel like they have such an understanding for me haha. The dungaree dress with cat face is a perfect mixture of cuteness and playful modernity in fashion. Also their skills with patterns and colors is well developed. Honestly BIG LOVE to this brand !!

Finding Lazy Oaf was a personal highlight of this London trip. :)

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  1. London is just so amazing and beautiful. Whenever I see photos of it, I get itchy feet. I'll definitely visit London again ><