Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Introducing: FLORALPUNK.com

Sometimes in life you meet those people who are just head over heel into projects - with so much energy, heart and blood - the same way you are and when you finally watch their projects take off onto a beautiful flight, you can't help it but feel pure happiness for the person. No matter how close you are.
That is what happened to me when the online shop Floralpunk co-founded by my blogger friend Julia Doan finally relaunched. Since we are friends on facebook I followed her developments (and sometimes desperate status updates haha) from time to time. As the relaunch date approached and the pictures she posted became clearer and more beautiful I got excited aswell. Until last Saturday the team unlocked the doors of the online shop and completely flashed me away.
The website is a minimalist design. It is amazing how you can see in every product picture that it was shot with love and a precise eye on every detail. Many of them were taken on the street instead of in a studio inspired by the fashion blogs we know so well. The selection of goods is rather small at this point but super strong. I shopped right away on the night of the relaunch and had honestly such a hard time on deciding where to invest my money into. Actually I wanted to buy all.
My order arrived a few days after and especially the jewellery was packed in a sleek and pretty pink envelope making it such a rich experience to unpack. As you see I decided on the pearl copper bracelets (6€) and the oversized baseball shirt (40€).

The jewelleries are for the price range of course mostly plastic gems placed in metal but nevertheless worth it. I can only talk for the copper bracelets so far but they definitely exceeded what I expected for the small price.

More pieces I love:

Floralpunk outgrew their original jewellery only retail. Luckily. Now they stock amazing bad ass shoes too. Real Leather Cut Out Wedges (75€)

Or bags! Classy leather shopper from South Korea (40€)

Perfect small bag! Unfortunately it's no leather so not for me but kids is you don't care then you should go and buy now because this small sleek bag only costs 18€ !

If you are a colourful person the clothes section might not be for you because Floralpunk only stocks what they would wear themselves. Black and white. Some of the clothes come from Vietnamese designers - another reason to fully support this team in their doings. It's time for my origin country to make some noise in fashion! Mesh Shorts (35€)

Between all the secret brands there is one you might know. Frends. Known for their fashionable earplugs and head phones. Floralpunk stocks the best of them - of course the black and white versions. Frends Elle B Gold (70€)

And on top of all the lovely details they send a sweet message along with every order. I love this just for the sake of oh so sinple but stunning design.

All in all I am frankly overwhelmed and I hope I was able to tickle your interest enough for you to click over to their shop because they so deserve it.

Wishing Julia and the Floralpunk-Team all the best! xx

photos // via Floralpunk.com and a few from me 

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