Monday, July 21, 2014


There are those kind of girls who love to wear dresses whether summer or in winter with tights and there are those kind of girls who prefer any kind of pants and rather have to be forced into dresses for special ocassions. If I would have to decide for a team, I would immediately count myself to the latter group.
But this weekend was so melting hot that I decided to wear my lovely Malaikaraiss summer dress out. Love its white straight design and the fine silk detail in the center front. I combined it sporty with a denim blouse wrapped around the hips to give it some shape and as precaution for the night. A playful silk neck scarf, silver necklace, my new Stella McCartney espadrilles and DKNY bag (well actually it is a shoe bag, but I like the summery pattern) and the look is ready to go.
Thanks to Yuliya for taking photos again, we haven't done it in such long time but whenever we do, we turn out to do the best or funniest jumping pictures ! haha. LOVE

photography // Yuliya Maltseva

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  1. Das Outfit gefällt mir sehr gut, vorallem deine Schuhe :-)

    choconistin, ,lg♥

  2. Wundercshöner Look!
    Finde die Idee mit dem Tuch klasse!