Thursday, July 17, 2014

Berlin Fashion Week: ISABELL DE HILLERIN SS15

One day FashionBloggerCafe, two days PREMIUM exhibitions and on Thursday was t-h-e d-a-y to which the Isabell de Hillerin team was working to for months (with me at their side since two weeks now): they day of the fashion presentation at the Erika-Hess-Eisstadion. The new location for the main fashion week shows was surprisingly beautiful. Before there were a lot of dicussions because it wasn't located in the city center but in a more urban area. in the end they build the place bigger with a terace where people could sit and enjoy drinks and ice cream after or before the show.
My task for the day was to stand at the entry counter and give out the tickets to the people on the guestlist. Funny experience since I am usually on the other side of the counter. Anyway that gave me the chance to still see the show as soon as we let everyone in.
I knew and worked with the collection in the last two weeks already but still it was as always a blast to see music, models and clothes coming all together. Favourite pieces are without question the rose colored trenchcoat plus the flowing light grey mini dress underneath !

The collection in powdery pink, coral, black, white, royal blue and light grey in clean and elegant romantic cuts, sets every girl into a floating-over-the-clouds-situation. SO PROUD.

wonderful designer (and such a lovely person) Isabell de Hillerin

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