Wednesday, June 18, 2014


One whole month without proper internet sucks. None at home, v-e-r-y slow on the mobile and jumping between friend's places and my parent's Galerie Silk & Embroidery concept store is super annoying. That should explain the lack of posts... Good thing is that the technician is coming tomorrow to FINALLY install the connection in my little home.
Something that I couldn't wait to share with you (so I'm sitting in the back of the cold storage room at G S&E and am typing super quick) is this picture of me in the latest issue of Textilwirtschaft. It is the most well-known fashion specialized magazine in Germany that is only available for professionals in the fashion industry. Thanks a lot to the Textilwirtschaft team who managed to send me my own copy in only half a day! Because my friend Meike actually found the picture on coincidence the other day.
The photo was taken during Berlin Fashion Week in January and is now featured in their sneakers special. I mean it is just a rather small picture and without captions but I am nevertheless super happy and proud to be featured in such an important publication !

Have a nice week, guys! :-)

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