Sunday, June 29, 2014


YES. My exam weeks at uni are over. Two weeks of completely focused work that really stretched nerves. There couldn't have been a better time to redeem my MyDays voucher. Wednesday, the mood and motivation was worth flushing down the toilet thanks also to the strong rain...
MyDays has a great selection of fun activities and unique adventures that you would normally give as  present to your loved ones.
But since I got to test the service,I simply gave myelf a treat. I chose the massage treatment in Kreuzberg so that I could go right after uni. There were a few difficulties to set the appointment (after using the voucher on MyDays you have to contact the company yourself and make a date which I find is super annoying) because they didn't answer on my email and I couldn't take their first calls - just not so possible when you sit in your semester exam. A minus on that point but otherwise I was impressed by the many opportunities that MyDays hosts and saw quite a few things that I can imagine to give away. They have everything from adrenaline action to romantic dinners, wellness holidays or creative workshops just to name a few broad examples.

And for the appointment issue, in the end it worked out fine, the staff was very nice and welcoming and you can't imagine how much good energy I gained through the massage. Pure energy and relexation to work through the last days!! :)

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