Thursday, May 15, 2014

Time for MOVING

Clearly I have been a bad blogger in the past weeks...Instead of my usual 3 posts a week, I only published maybe 1 and I am honestly sorry about my neglect. I mean of course there are many reasons for it, some are exciting and promise good times coming up for tha.Darlinh, some make it really hard for me to be persistent on here. Though neither of it justifies the absence because other blogger manage, too - I know.
For starters I am still struggling with balancing all my projects and jobs and studies. I mean right now I am full-time studying fashion design, being a blogger is actually a 24/7 thing, stylist-wise Leonie and me are still starting and all beginnings are hard and my part-time job at WALD brings guaranteed money and great experiences in. Not to forget that I am keeping myself fit with dancing two times a week and am of course spending time with friends. It is a lot and you can call me crazy but then again I must say I found out by now that I am pretty good at time management.
Why I am still not posting regularly? It is not that I don't love writing and posting and creating content that I am passionate for on here but for a while I felt like my and also the blog outgrew it's appearance by now. So during my Easter holidays I started to work on a new layout and a new plan for tha.Darlinh. Important to me was anyhow that I would do it mostly by myself, learning new codings here and there and see what I can build. So that MOVE is still in progress.

But that is not the only thing what is MOVING. Because I am moving, too! And for me that is the best news. I wanted to move out of my parents home since forever (not that I don't love them but as liberate and independant as I am, I have been secretly planning this for years and years and years) and now finally found a place in my favourite party of Berlin. Growing up in Spandau (very west of the city) was the best. I was part of the city but you must know that Spandau is quite seperated and somehow very idyllic with its old quarters and antique houses. Last year I found a place that reminds me so so much of it in Berlin Mitte!! Back then I already told Yuliya that I will someday live there - the quarter that is called the "Nikolaiviertel". Guess what happened. Last Tuesday I suddenly became a mail from a real estate agency that I contacted randomly a while ago saying that there is a apartment that I could look at. I went, fell in love, really immediately rushes home to Spandau, collected all the papers, run back to the agency and with a lot of luck I could come and sign the papers a few days after. WOW and today I got the keys to my very first own apartment in a place that I love. You can't imagine how excited I am. My flat is by bike 5 minutes from WALD, 5 minutes from my dance school and 15 minutes from ESMOD. How perfect is that??

Though the next blogging problem is that I probably wont have the best access to wifi in the next week so please don't be mad if this is again the only post for some time. (I am so sorry!). But just to remind you, there is always Instagram (@thadarlinh) ;-)

Ok the news update and many words later. I believe that the hardest time is nearly over and that I will soon be able to go wild also as a blogger again. My massage appointment is nearly booked thanks to Mydays. Exactly what I will need after this weekend of bringing all my stuff over to the new apartment.

MUCH LOVE and thanks for still sticking around and always supporting me <3

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  1. oh die erste wohnung ist was ganz tolles!
    ich hoffe es wird so wie du es dir vorstellst!