Wednesday, May 21, 2014


In the last two weeks at ESMOD we did a very special project named Zero Waste Project. Means we had to create a garment that requires no material waste. Because from experience with the projects before, the waste is often even the same amount as the garment we get which is terrible for the environment. So our teachers wanted to make clear to us that there are possibilities to decrease the waste.
For me on this project it was important to stay within my style and create a zero waste garment that I would have designed similiarly anyway. I mean what is the sense if you turn youself into a whole new direction because of the zero waste. It has to be possible to combine aesthetic and awareness.
At the end each student had to organise a little styling and photoshoot for our piece and I thought you would also want to see the result. Voila and a lot of hugs especially to Niklas Kretzschmar for helping me out with the photography. I say 10 minutes in front of IKEA during my whole moving-into-the-new-apartment mess!!

I want to hear all you opinions ;-)

 photography//Niklas Kretzschmar
concept, styling & editing// me 

shoes - Asos*
pants - Zara (old & cut)
t-shirt - A.O.CMS
earrings - Stella&Dot*
lipstick - Chanel Rouge Noir

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