Monday, May 5, 2014


>> During the last year my whole closet lost a lot of colour. I stacked up a lot of black and white basics and I mostly bet on styling them in different ways. So when this colorful t-shirt from London brand Etre Cecile came along into the WALD Store I was quite torn. First thought: I love it! Second thought: Would I wear it? Does it fit into my wardrobe?
Also the print is quite thick so I thought the shirt would maybe fall weirdly or it would have an uncomfortable feel.
A few thoughts and days later I finally tried it on. And then I completely ditched the second thoughts because my worries were quite for nothing. I love love love the t-shirt now! The print is so sophisticated that it works for a casual outfit like this with skinny jeans and sneakers but I can also already imagine preppier possibilities. With my black, white, grey clothes pretty much any combination does it. Either way the gorgeous print simply makes you shine ;-)

Definitely a fan now!

photography//Niklas Kretzschmar

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