Tuesday, April 22, 2014

PRODUCT LOVE: Leather Shopper

It's a pity when the zipper of one's favourite bag breaks. That's how it is with my everyday-and-everywhere black bowling bag, that I brought home from Topshop from London Fashion Week last year. Right now I can still work it but I can already see the day when I stand in the queue at the supermarket and make everyone waiting because I can't get my wallet out. 
So positively, now I have the chance to get a new amazing alternativ. Found on www.otto.de - this beauty from Fossil. A big leather shopper which can also be worn like a clutch if folded. And especially important for me: it has a overshoulder strap. I move around a lot and need my hands free quite often. Right now this is my favourite...if I buy it this week, I will get it within 24hours with only 1€ upcharge. YES or NO?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Product Love: MLM The Label

print dress - $129

>> I briefly re-introduced womenswear label Millie Loves Min a.k.a MLM to you in yesterday's post. I am very impressed how much they grew from when I first got to know the Australian brand. 

Therefore a little product love selection from the MLM online shop today. Starting with their dalmatian print dress, the black bralet worn over a grey t-shirt (so good!) and the white zipped leather skirt...

BIG L.O.V.E. to designer Julia Softley and her team!