Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Product Love: 3 TOPS FOR SUMMER

>> Done as said, I cleaned out my closet. On the very top of my keepers list were these three tops which I will most probably wear A LOT throughout spring and summer. Winter right now is much about cozying around in big men sweaters but I am looking forward to dress more feminine in light and beautiful tops when it gets warmer.
3 essentials that I can only recommend you to have similiarly in your closets:

  • one of those lingerie inspired camisoles with lace
  • a good quality basic white t-shirt - mine is from Swedish favourite A.O.CMS
  • a special piece that is nevertheless easy to combine and in which you can feel super comfortable - I chose this Malaikaraiss top because the print is exciting, the cut flatters the body and the fabric is soft and cool (already fell in love with this one last year on the runway and was the first to purchase it as soon as it arrived in store haha!)

 What are your spring/summer favourites?

 1. Fine camisole with lace via small shop at London Camden Town

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  1. richtig tolle teile! vorallem das schwarze.
    alles liebe dir.
    Maren Anita

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    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  2. Mir gefallen die Shirts richtig gut. Ich muss mir solche auch unbedingt noch für den Frühling und den Sommer holen.

  3. ja, gute wahl, der sommer kann kommen!


  4. Love your classic, chic and feminine selection!
    Hope to see you soon Anh :)


  5. I just landed on your post when I was searching for my bridesmaids dress ideas. I love this low-high middy and this is going to be my idea for bridesmaids dress. Thanks for helpful share.