Tuesday, February 25, 2014


>> For London Fashion Week Day 2 I decided to let some Asian influence into my outfit and combined a royal blue silk and embroidered kimono from Silk & Embroidery Berlin with again layers to prevent the cold. Though the weather was way nicer on the second day! The sun was out and despite the strong wind it was my favourite kind of weather. Also I couldn't stop myself from taking typical tourist photos in front of a telephone box ...I am falling in love with London everytime all over again!
Something else a little bit off-topic but anyway: that day I ate my first burrito ever haha! That lunch definitely reminded me again off how much I love food and that I should try new restaurants more often...Berliner, what are your favourite places to eat? Need some recommendations.
And at last a snap of me beeing streetstyle snapped. Different than in Berlin there are what feels like thousands of photographers and I think everyone gets snapped at some point? Also they are gone so fast after taking the pictures that I never know for which publication it is or maybe even just for personal use? I don't know, let's see whether I will find myself somewhere or not haha.

photography//Leonie Cuje

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  1. hach london <3
    du siehst aber auch tol aus ;)


  2. Du hast die Tasche von Phillip Lim? Ich bin so neidisch, die will ich auch haben. Gerade die kleine ist perfekt!
    Tolles Outfit und viel Spaß in London :)

    1. Hehe ja, hab sie mir zu Weihnachten endlich gegönnt :-D
      Bin auch sehr happy damit, vor allem mit der kleinen Größe. Die große hat man ja jetzt auch echt viel gesehen, ist nicht mehr soo special wie die kleine - danke!

  3. ohh ich liieeebbbeee deine Tachse! :)
    lg ww.robynbyn.de