Sunday, February 23, 2014

Outfit: London Fashion Week Day 1

 >> Last weekend in London. My first outfit for the coldest of the three days. I tried to find a good compromise between dressing warm enough and combining a cool outfit. So I did some good old layering and played with my selfmade top that I created for my half semester show at university (uh damn, I still have to show you some pictures of that one!). Anyway it is fake fur with leather belts & buckles. With a white shirt, leather skirt, black skinny jeans and my favourite coat I was good for the main time. Only in London you have to wait so freakishly long in a queue outside of a location for a show that it got way too cold anyway... in those times I am glad that Berlin is always prepared for the lowest temperatures!
Therefore thank you Felicity PR for spoiling us with tea, coffee and the best view during the Media Lounge. ;-)
Haha now it all sounds so sad, Leonie and I had of course a great time trying ourselves in streetstyle photography, partly running after cool looking people to get a nice shot, enjoying the atmosphere & seeing for example the Sorapol show that evening at a beautiful museum.

  •  sunglasses - Stella McCartney*
  • coat & pants - Zara
  • top - selfmade DINH
  • shirt - Burton UK
  • bag - Topshop
  • dino necklace - Malaikaraiss
  • boots - Emma Go

photography//Leonie Cuje

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  1. der orange tote teddybär ist ja cool ;) sieht hübsch aus so als farbtupfer.


  2. Super coole Bilder und ein tolles Outfit! :)

    1. danke, freut mich, dass es dir gefällt :-D