Monday, January 13, 2014


>> It is Monday before Berlin Fashion Week which is starting tomorrow and I am still wearing my comfy Nikes...To tell you, the plan was to try my friend's trick of slowly getting used to heels so that I could feel a little bit taller in the next days without changing back into flats every other hour and mourning about hurting feet. I was supposed to start the programme about one week ago. One day wearing heels for one hour, the next day for two hours, then half a day and so on. Whether it works or not - I can't tell you because as you see I failed to even start with it haha.
Anyway let's see how I am going to deal with that in the next days. I didn't choose outfits yet so let me surprise you with what pops into my mind :-)
This is what I wore the other day. Mixing stripes, denim, a red eye-catcher and of course a lot of black.

photography//Sarah Hanisch

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1 comment :

  1. wow, die Jacke ist natürlich extrem cool. ich mag ja schwarz weiß gestreifte Kleidungsstücke. Noch lieber mag ich sie wenn die Streifen breiter sind!