Wednesday, January 29, 2014


>> I was already hoping and wishing that the freezing winter days would simply skip Berlin this time. And it was looking good - until last week destroyed all my sunny dreams. I am a very practical person, that's why keeping myself warm and healthy these days is priority number one. Honestly, I mostly don't care anymore how much I look like an Eskimo. Despite from this look which by far wasn't warm enough for the following days of -13°, I really do wear a big waxed parka always with the hoodie up plus xxl scarf and several layers of tights.
We will see how many outdoor outfit pictures will follow up in the next weeks. 10 minutes shooting these pictures were quite enough...I might experiment with my new camera lens a little bit at home and come up with a good idea to get over the cold.
Dear streetstyle photographer Dean from with whom I collaborated for the first time did a great job though! How do you like the pictures? Do you want more?

  •  scarf - Missoni
  • sweater - Freeman T Porter*
  • pants - Zara
  • coat - Zara
  • shoes - Bianco
  • bag - mum's vintage

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  1. ahh, ist der mantel denn warm genug? hab gehört das es in berlin mega kalt sein soll!


  2. Wunderschöne Bilder! Haben Sie seine Kontaktdaten Detail? Oder ist es auf der Webseite?