Wednesday, January 15, 2014


>> Home Game. Crazy it really is Berlin Fashion Week again. Yesterday was the first official day starting the shows. Since I am involved into events quite a lot this season (on Monday there was the WALD Press Dinner for the launch of WALD Magazine no.4 and on Thursday I am having my own runway show as you know) I am taking it low on shows and didn't plan on any party to be honest. Some might say that that is boring but really - fashion week is the most prominent working time for me and I want to be as fresh as possible and naturally take the time to update the blog in between all of the fun. ;-)
You will find me a lot on the fashion fairs such as Premium and Bread&Butter with my LEANon Co-Stylist Leo, who took these pictures aswell. Hoping to discover some cool brands to feature in our upcoming editorial projects!
Anyway for Day 1 I wore a lot of recent favourites of mine. Gorgeous Isabell de Hillerin top (I am crying because I have to miss her show for the very first time due to my own!), Emma Go boots, my newest addition Poseidon watch with rose gold coloured hardware and of course my 3.1 Phillip Lim Mini Pashli !

PS: Don't worry, I did wore a coat but since I am lucky enough to be registered as stylist this year I can go into the main tent freely whenever I want. Hence, I left my coat at the wardrobe.

  • dress as top - Isabell de Hillerin
  • white shirt - Esprit
  • pants - 1440 at Weekday
  • watch - Poseidon*
  • bag - 3.1 Phillip Lim
  • boots - Emma Go
  • rings - Adeline Affre, &Other Stories
  • necklaces - Ellisue, Vietnam custom made

photography//Leonie Cuje

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  1. sehr lässig und eine gute wahl um es den ganzen tag bequem zu haben!