Thursday, January 23, 2014

DINH HANISCH Part 2 - The Lookbook

>> Wow, the Dinh Hanisch show happened already one week ago now and still I am so extremely thrilled at the thought of it. I guess it is going to stay for a while...
You know, if I am in for something I do it 100%-ly and more. That's why even though we only had one month for EVERYTHING we still wanted to do a little lookbook. It was a seriously tough but extremely fun job bringing a good team together and coming up with a perfect setting for our collection.
Now having the result (even printed) in front of me is the best feeling ever!!
I remember how Sarah and I worried about not finding a make-up artist until we were introduced to lovely Sophie Keszler. She does such amazing eye make-up! Or carrying a big metal chair into the bus was also some kind of experience.

Anyway I am curious about your opinion! How do you like the DINH HANISCH lookbook? Which pieces would you like to wear yourself?

photography//Maren Demant

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  1. das ist super geworden, toll! ich kann so gut verstehen warum du immer noch"ausflippst" ;)


  2. Wow!! Die Sachen sieht wirklich super aus! Ich bin total beeindruckt :)
    Suuuper <3

    Ganz liebe Grüße! The Golden Corner