Monday, January 6, 2014

DINH HANISCH fashion show @ Music meets Fashion - BERLIN FASHION WEEK

Music Meets Fashion Presents:


>> It has been quite some secret play in the last few weeks. My lovely friend Sarah Hanisch from ESMOD and I worked our asses off (still are) and now I can finally and superduper proudly announce that the two of us are showing a very own collection of ours during Berlin Fashion Week next week!!
I remember exactly how I attended first time two years ago and never in my life back then would I have thought that it wouldn't be long until I had my own little runway show...I didn't even thought about that possibility about one month ago.
But nevertheless it is really happening. Music Meets Fashion - an event that brings local DJs and design talents together will be the host of the DINH HANISCH show. We are so honoured to be showcasing next to established names such as Daniel Rodan and Lost in Wonderland. In fact we are the opening show! Writing it down like this makes me again so excited.

And another good news for you is: everyone who is in Berlin next Thursday is invited!

These are the details:

When?: Thursday. January 16th - opening doors at 7p.m. - show at 8p.m.
Where?: Mein Haus am See (Brunnenstraße 197-198, 10119 Berlin)
Entrance fee: 5€ (sorry about that but the organizers are also young artists who are paying everything by themselves and I swear 5€ are nothing for what you will get to see and listen through-out the evening) 

I am so so looking forward to see each and everyone of you at my first runway show ever, xx

PS: And thank you Sarah for being the best collaboration partner for this unique chance! Only you and I are crazy enough to pull off a whole collection in two weeks after only three months of fashion studies! <3

Below a preview of the Dinh Hanisch collection "Emerald"

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