Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Berlin Fashion Week: MALAIKARAISS F/W 2014/15

>> Let's take a little break from my fashion week fairytale for a bit because I would like to introduce you to this show that I attended as guest during Berlin Fashion Week.
Due to the few time that I had next to preparing my own event, I only watched very selected shows. One that can not be missed anymore is MALAIKARAISS.
The clean elegance with a quirky touch is getting better from season to season as long as I have been following up. For Fall/Winter 2014/15 the designer is going back to the dark green colour palette that already appeared in Spring/Summer 2013 but this time mixed with warm caramel and "sea foam" (light grey-blue-ish) - a strong and highly sophisticated combination with high potential to be translated exactly like that in our closets (or at least mine) soon.
The most fantastic styling move of the show were the scarfs that are so typical for designer Malaika Raiss herself. Especially the one with the print of the season combined to the beige knit looks splendorous!
My favourite garment from the collection is nevertheless the green leather shift dress. I was off in daydreams of wearing it all day afterwards...
As a result: I was all but disappointed by dear Malaika Raiss and can not wait to see pieces hanging at WALD Berlin soon. It will be a pleasure to upload these into the online shop ;-)


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