Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 - Year of Projects & People

>> The year review - one of my favourite parts about having a blog. Looking back on all the posts I can recall every great moment, I can visiually see how I and everything around me has grown and I really can't tell you how grateful I am for everything that has happened this year !
Last year I wrote that 2012 was the best year in life yet but obviously 2013 topped it all. Starting from the people that freshly stepped into my life, building huge projects and fulfilling A LOT of small and big dreams. WOW WOW WOW - seriously guys I feel like one of the luckiest people on earth.
Thank you all so much for taking this exciting ride with me in the past and hopefully you will also stay with me in the future. BIG LOVE, KISSES & HUGS

My 2013 highlights:

Beginning 2013 I was all over my application for ESMOD Berlin. They took me and at this point I can already say that I couldn't have find a place like home at any other fashion school in Berlin... Two first styling and conception practices as part of my portfolio - "MASQUERADE" and "GREEN LIGHT".

Taking part in one of the major fashion weeks is every small fashion blogger's dream. In February I took my chance and suitcases and went to London. I never collected so many impressions at once and never attended so many fun events. I hang with the coolest UK bloggers at "The Apartment" (on picture with Van Anh from Chopstick Panorama), got the big honour of one handwritten Burberry Prorsum invitation, spent a wonderful time backstage at Thu Thu, watched the Sass&Bide show in a beatiful church location, the most delicious dinner with Stylight and well London as a city...speaks for itself. Love the fact that I am going to be back there next February :-))

One of my favourite pictures of myself 2013 - it's all about enjoying life & having good laughs.

One thing & the most lovely crew that changed everything from scratch was my internship at WALD Berlin that I did  in April, May and June. I can't even count all the great things I learnt and experienced from all the girls anymore. I damn love my WALD family!
Super happy to be their online shop girl now...
Especially everything that Dana and her gorgeous styling brought to me - photoshoots with amazing teams, watching and assisting such a genuinely creative and wise mind is the biggest present. Hard working but always good for a laugh - that's how it should be.

Another lovely person I met for the first time this year is Isabell de Hillerin - as you know one of my favourite Berlin designers (secretly THE favourite ;-) ). Also the blog collaboration with her was a little happy highlight of 2013.

The most fun collaboration was the one I did with Fashiolista and Pepe Jeans London.

Berlin Fashion Week in July was again one amazing week. Starting with the breathtaking Malaikaraiss show. I will always remember the words of a friend when we were walking out of the venue. She said something like "You loved the show, didn't you? Because it was so you!" and she was so right.
Unforgettable is also my feature on Glamour Germany. Me in my Day 1 fashion week outfit.
Or being backstage at the Isabell de Hillerin studio show. Or the fact that I had goosebumps throughout the whole show. Or that I listened to the catwalk sound for months after.

Favourite summer outfit.

LEANon Styling. Two words, two people, two days from idea to first mission. Mid July Leonie and I started our career as Berlin's youngest styling-duo. Crazy? So what - we are living our dreams and ideas.
Two photoshoots that will never be forgotten: Number 1 is shooting number 1 with photographer Kim Lang from London and Jessica Luostarinen as one of the models - pure fun&magic. Number 2 is the "Broken Heroes" shoot that is still going to be released. 8 male models, 30 looks, our second styling ever, two days of shooting, two nights of styling and all together something like 5 hours sleep. Yes, we two grew a lot through this experience and luckily I think it all pays out - the previews I saw so far are freakin' awesome and we had a lot of fun on set for sure!

tha.Darlinh x GUESS <3

My first Isabell de Hillerin piece that I invested in!

My fashion studies started well - I have a great class, great teachers and I think the best parts about it are going to come in 2014.

So last words before we go off preparing for our New Years Eve celebrations: 

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  1. Awesome looks and photographies !
    happy new year :)

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    thanks <3

    1. Thank you - wishing you the same (:

  2. I wish you a happy new year
    full of new experiences, joy and health :)
    Keep up the good work, my dear ♥

    1. Thanks dear! All the best to you,too :-)

  3. Wow your year sounded amazing! I can't believe that you got a Burberry invitation too-congrats :)
    Lucia's Loves

    1. Thanks haha, it was only the live-screening in their flagship store on London's Regent Street but it was still handwritten and an amazing experience :-D

  4. Hey! I am Mag :) I found your blog some time ago and I am really impressed how creative and hard working you are. I wondered if you could do ma a favour and tell something about your Uni. I am interested in applying to ESMOD Berlin, so I would be very grateful if you could tell me something about process of applying, studies, your first impression?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hey Mag! Thank you, that's so nice to hear!
      Sure. The process of applying is quite easy and quick compared to other Berlin fashion schools. First you fill in the form on their website, then they will send you one page of tasks that you have to do in one month (contains making collages, sketch fashion sillhouettes, realise own photoconcepts and an essay). The portfolio of those tasks you will present to one staff member of Esmod. You will get asked some basic and some personal questions of likes, inspiration sources (which designers, cities, trends, magazines you like - nothing complicated or hard to asnwer). And with a little bit of luck you will get accepted within up to one month (they said they will answer within one month but I got my answer after 3 days so it really depends).
      My first impressions of Esmod: I really like it there. Being in classes of 25 people is quite nice since you get more personalized help from the teachers which I think is super important for fashion design. Cool international people...sometimes it's a little bit unorganized and confusing (whether it's the tasks the teachers give or organizations in the office) but that's ok and bearable in the end...At least I think it's bearable, some of my friends are really annoyed. At ESMOD we also mainly work creatively - we merely have theory courses.

      Just ask me if there is something more you want to know :-)



    2. Thank you very much for your answer :)



  5. love the masquerade and summer outfit :)