Thursday, November 7, 2013


>> I have been waiting to realise this project for so long now that I am even not so sure that you remember me telling you about it here. Fashion brand GUESS was teaming up with international famous bloggers for a big campaign named "Denim Diaries". Now they gave me the opportunity to do my own little set of outfits on the topic. My aim was to style their light denim shirt with rhinestone applications around the shoulders in three different but all wearable ways a la Anh. To stay true to myself I didn't plunge into much colour but stayed with black and beige.

  • First Outfit: Casual with black skinny jeans and Converse but stylish and perfect for winter with a slim fit turtle neck underneath plus only first button closed following the role model of Alexander Wang runway looks

  • Second Outfit: Cosy, cosy, cosy - I love to cuddle into wool knitted cardigans and jackets and a denim shirt is the best to wear underneath. Combined to another denim variation and boots - et voila!

  • Third Outfit: The more outgoing part of me suggests a cool white skirt, socks and sneakers (Nikes!) plus one of these wonderful oversized or long coates. For winter of course with tights.

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