Sunday, October 20, 2013


>> Hey there! As promised from now on I will also tell you stories about my life as a fashion design student at ESMOD Berlin. After first week - the exhibition week - where we visited Berlin's most popular museums of modern art (Neue Nationalgalerie & Hamburger Bahnhof) to get inspired for future projects we plunged directly into the substance. Our first project: A doll. More precisely a green living from another planet. We had to sew and put up a complete portfolio within one week. A lot for the beginning without any real knowledge but managable. 
Honestly, I am not a real fan of green so that i decided for a camouflage fabric. A comic being part of the task, my idea developed quickly (see first picture). I wanted a cool & cute doll that one just have to fall in love with. I did fell in love and it is breaking my heart a little bit that my cutie is now chilling in the halls of ESMOD on a vest sewn out of all the puppets of my class. ;-)



photography// Leonie Cuje & Anh Dinh

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