Thursday, October 24, 2013


Summer is back for a few days (most probably the last of the year so I try to soak in as much sun as possible). That is why Sarah, my new friend from ESMOD Berlin and I took some photos during the lunch break. To be able to work properly on the week's project it is important to have comfortable basics with good fit which you can style easily as it gets - I'm referring to the 5 minutes of time I have in the morning to pick and put on clothes. White top, tartan shirt and my new favourite pair of blue jeans from Levi's.

Two weeks ago Levi's invited me to the press launch of the new technology of the REVEL JEANS. Thanks to a very special inside print technique around the thighs they promise trousers that lift (make a good-looking ass :-P) and remain in shape always and after every wash. An upgrade of their Skinny, Demi and Bold Curve Campaign so to say. I have been wearing my pair two of three days ever since and am loving them. I feel nothing of the tight fit and surprisingly love the wash. It is seriously so weird seeing myself with blue jeans on the pictures now after a year of almost always wearing black skinny jeans. But the Levi's Revel deserves the exceptional spot, don't you think?

photography//Sarah Hanisch & me

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1 comment :

  1. I think the Levi's fits very well on you
    and I might get one when I'm in Berlin, too.

    Thanks for this tip ;-)