Sunday, October 6, 2013

Outfit: KNOTS

>> Oh my, it is freezing cold already here in Berlin. The answer for this time of transition is again layering! Layering should never stops when you ask me. The combination that I am wearing in these pictures differ to last year that I layered everything possible around my hips! Despite my loyal skinny jeans I am wearing a black shirt buttoned to the middle, worn as skirt and tightened with the knotted arms. Pale violet t-shirt, patterned jacket around the waist again and an oversized coat on top. Not to forget my new favourite shoes on earth from EMMA GO <3
So I plaid with layers, patterns and different fabrics - that's how it should be :-))

Happy Sunday!

  • coat - Primark
  • jacket - Pepe Jeans London*
  • top - &Other Stories
  • shirt - Bershka
  • pants - Zara
  • bag - H&M Trend 
  • boots - Emma Go
  • jewellery - Maria Black, Tinchens, selfmade

photography//Yuliya Maltseva

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  1. Really like this outfit, your knot is super cool :)

  2. I love the stripped oversize jacket

  3. I love this look :) especially your blazer and the bag!