Wednesday, October 16, 2013

News: Shopping Window Challenge Online

All the entries of the Style Challenge are online! For reminder: We five bloggers were supposed to re-style a shopping window doll of our choice. My full outfit was this one and all the others you can see on the GoFeminin website! Good luck girls, the winner of the challenge is going to be announced soon aswell! I will keep you updated ;-)

And for a quick update on my personal live. Now that I started my fashion design studies my schedule went from tight to veeery tight. I know, I know - those bad excuses for not taking good care of the blog...I have some nice things and new pictures to share with you but don't seem to have the time to prepare pretty posts out of them. But so far I can tell you what is coming up on the blog: Levi's new Revel technology which made me fell back in love with blue jeans (seriously have been wearing my new pair everyday this week), my collaboration with GUESS and also a story about my first fashion design school project. Like tha.Darlinh on facebook so that you won't miss anything :-)

PS: Help me get my scholarship by voting >>here<< for me in case you haven't yet <3

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