Sunday, September 29, 2013

Outfit: INSPIRED BY WALD BERLIN - Blogger Challenge

>> Hey darlinhs! Maybe you know from the post title already, today I want to talk to you about a cool project/challenge I got to do with German online platform For best possible understanding I explain briefly what is: If you are opting to buy something online you can go there and check for current sale codes, coupons or special offers of hundreds of online shops which in the end could help you save quite some money.
For this challenge I received a budget of 100€ - the task was to re-style one favourite shop-window look. I of course chose to re-style from the best shop in the city WALD BERLIN (left picture above). Original pieces are from Muubaa, Soulland, American Retro, Black Lily and Shoeshibar worth around 1200€ no way affordable that easily for me as a student. Thanks to coupons and our well-known high street brands I found similiar cheaper versions:
  • leather jacket - H&M - 39,95 29,96€
  • men's print shirt - H&M - 25,95 19,46€
  • black wrap skirt - Asos - 28,00€
  • sweater around the waist - H&M 9,95 7,46€
  • shoes - Zalando - 14,95€ (on sale)
and no shipping costs thanks to more codes! 

As a result I spent 99,83€ instead of 118,80€. Saved around 20€ (not even comparing with the designer pieces here). I would say that is a quite good result for a total free service. Now since a few fellow bloggers are in this competition aswell, wish me luck for the win :-D 
Hope you like the outfit & pictures - Enjoy you Sunday!

photography//Yuliya Maltseva

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  1. Wow! The jacket is great! Love the combination for sure