Monday, September 30, 2013


>> I remember the talk I had with my ESMOD professor when I applicated for school in January. He asked me which place in Berlin I would want to show to him. I don't remember what I answered but what I should have said but didn't come to my mind back then was the "Kolk". It is a little space in Spandau, the district I grew up in. Houses and cottages still in their shapes of old times (some go back to the 1400!) and some are restored for the benefit of memories. I love to come here every now and then on sunny days off and take to take a stroll and enjoy the magic of the place.
Many people don't know about its existence and story, I only learned of it thanks to my old history teacher (guess the lessons were useful somehow in the end haha). And I never wish for it to become a touristy place but I would love to see that people are aware of these little spots they live next door to. xx

  •  knit - Forever21*
  • bag - vintage
  • pants - Zara
  • boots - Forever21*
  • earrings - Forever21*

photography//Drin Rexhepi

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  1. Even I didn't know that it was existing.

  2. Es ist mega schön dort :D
    Liebe Grüße