Monday, September 23, 2013


>> Excited? Yes. Anxious? No. - Today is my first day of school at ESMOD. While you are reading this I am probably already on my way or sitting in class. Last Monday I already got to meet most of my fellow students but it isn't sure yet who will be in my class. Hoping for my favourites of course ;-)
This is what I wore then. A typical everyday look with the fashionable twist. My beloved black skinny jeans of course, a denim blouse combined with a white cropped sweat t-shirt, new Forever 21 black boots and a black bag. Ah - before you ask - yes my necklace was once a zipper. Don't know, I liked the shape of it so much that I beaded it on a necklace chain making it my new favourite jewellery.

So what do you say? Do I look like a fashion student? :-D

  •  t-shirt - Prairie for Weekday
  • denim shirt - T.K.Maxx
  • pants - Zara
  • boots - Forever21
  • bag - H&M Trend (old)
  • middle finger ring - Maria Black

photography//Yuliya Maltseva

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