Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Magazine of the month: HARPER'S BAZAAR GERMANY

>> Not sure whether I told you guys already but I have a certain technique of choosing what magazine to buy every month. I love love love magazines (I simply prefer holding an actual shiny issue, turning the papers to the next pages) but due to budget and time limits I try to keep it low on one or two magazines per month which I can concentrate on and read through thouroughly.
Every month I would go to the nearby magazine shop (sometimes the train station's or if I got the time I would go down to do you read me?!), browse the offer and choose the most attractive one. I felt like sharing my picks.

For September it is the Harper's Bazaar Germany issue! The very first one. A magazine name of such tradition has to be examined so against all my habits I went in the shop, searched for exactly this one, bought it and left. At this point I flipped through it once and read the first half of it. So far a good impression - but no wonder since so many stars of the fashion industry worked on this launch issue. 

Do you have any opinions on it yet? Have you read it, will you read it? What magazines do you read? Share you thought my darlinhs, xx

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  1. will auch :) sieht super aus, muss ich mir auch kaufen!



  2. hey,

    ich hab dein interwiev auf blogfieber gelesen und find es wahnsinnig toll. du bist so symphatisch und deine einstellung zu bloggen ist toll!