Sunday, September 22, 2013

Event: INVICTUS BY PACO RABANNE - Dragonboat with Marcus Zierke

>>  Dragon boat riding – what is that? Was the first question coming to my mind when I got the invitation to the most adventurous blogger event I have ever been to. I can't thank the wonderful Paco Rabanne team enough for organizing such a fun day. With the help of Google I learned that it was a team water sport that I from my limited knowledge could only compare with canoeing (but even that is something I never did before in my life). Honestly, I wasn't a water person before, I am not the best swimmer. Thus I was really really anxious about how I would get through the day haha.
After the greetings and first few words from our German national dragon boat team (can't believe they came and spent the day just for us! Thanks guys!) most of my worries were already gone. I could not wait to tap into whole new waters – literally.
In the end I had no regrets at all. Although I am not good at it, the dragon boat climbed up to a high rank in my favourite sports list. Who would have thought that?? - The way you have to feel one rhythm with your teammates, the synchronicity and energy all reminded me of my beloved dancing but in a total different way.
I guess the charismatic, nice and super handsome Marcus Zierke also played a big role in my new thoughts about water sports. His enthusiasm and passion is simply sweeping. He is running in Paco Rabanne's contest all around their new fragrance INVICTUS. Marcus and 6 other athletes from all over the world are competing for votes. The winner will receive 50.000€. Money our dragon boat team deserves. Since the German government doesn't support the sport (unfortunately another commonality with dancing) the team often doesn't have the chance to travel to important championships or has to leave teammates behind.

Also, who wouldn't give a vote >>here<< to that pretty smile and amazingly trained body? ;-)

I hope I could win you over for dragon boat riding aswell and another big thanks to Paco Rabanne and everyone involved. My brother loves the bottle of Invictus from the goodie bag!

Bloggers of the day gathered around Marcus Zierke: Frederike, Katrhin, David, Joleena, Maryanto, Nadine and me

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  1. As I can see from the pics and video, you've had an amazing day!! The pics looks so cool :)