Monday, August 12, 2013


>> To all you tea lovers out there: Here and today I am confessing my tea obsession aswell. I always loved drinking tea, whether iced in hot summer or warm in every other season. Recently I started collecting and trying different tea sorts. What luck meeting Kusmi Tea Paris for this little collaboration. 
The brand from 1867 has an enormously interesting tradition that goes down a long road of Russian family tradition over Europe's great cities and world war II in Berlin to a fresh start 10 years ago (read mor about it here).
But even more important are their high quality but affordable teas. Through the use of green tea many of their sorts have a holiday-like effect on one's skin. After drinking STRAWBERRY GREEN TEA and specifically BB DETOX for about a week now I can already feel how my skin is way less oily (my big problem especially in summer!). And oh my, how delicous these are!! Packed in cute metall boxes, too. My collectors heart is already screaming for more and the chances are high that I'm going to follow that inner voice veery it.

Now, darlinhs, let's share a cup of tea and tell me about your experiences with Kusmi tea! xx

Thanks Kusmi Tea for sponsoring the products!

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  1. I'm so incredibly jealous right now! I also have a soft spot for good quality tea - in fact I would love a cuppa right now :)

    Great photography as well darlinh ;)