Thursday, August 22, 2013


>> Lately I am occupying myself a lot with trends. One of my favourites this season might very well be the grunge theme. Plaid shirts, mix of different fabrics and patterns. 
Of course priority number one in dressing up in the morning is always how a combination suits your own personality most - what styles you feel completely comfortable in. Nevertheless, dipping into trends here and there allow us to test new things and expand our comfort zone.
That is why I decided to layer two opposing fabrics, my POP cph chiffon turtle neck dress under the Joseph knit top, combined to ripped black jeans and a tartan patterned shirt around my waist. Black bag and see-through heels for the elegant touch up and I am ready to roll!

PS: Just when I edited the photos, I realized that I didn't wore any make-up that day at all! Must have simply forgot haha...

  • turtle neck - Pop cph
  • top - Joseph
  • plaid shirt - Zara
  • pants - Mango
  • bag - vintage
  • jewellery - Stella&Dot*

photography//Berat Oeztas

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  1. du heiße schnitte.
    ist ja nicht zu glauben.

  2. ich liebe dieses outfit und es passt einfach perfekt zu dir