Friday, July 5, 2013

Berlin Fashion Week: OUTFIT DAY 1

First outfit of Berlin Fashion Week and also the only one I planned in forward this season. Keeping myself the promise to spare my feet the hurting heels I decided for this sporty inspired outfit. The basis is all white, combining sweatshirt fabric and flowing chiffon and my selfmade skirt (I made it in only two hours on Monday evening haha). I like light summer layerings a lot right now and I felt like the white socks gave the outfit the perfect nerdy sporty weird touch!
Also very important for the sunny day that it was are sun glasses. The one I am wearing is a new one I got from Mister Spex for their Summer Style Challenge. It's a good basic model. Quality good, and the price is affordable. Although if you already decide to by a pricier version than the ones from H&M, Zara etc. I would go straight for the originals from Ray Ban (like this one).

  •  jacket - Pepe Jeans London*
  • sunnies - Mister Spex*
  • shirt - Prairie for Weekday
  • skirt - selfmade
  • bag - H&M
  • shoes - Converse

photography//Nelly Negret

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  1. Lovely outfit! need the bag and the skirt!

    If you like, check out my latest post?

    Jess xo

  2. Hey,
    super sweet outfit! :)

  3. tTolles Outfit. Jetzt habe ich endlich deinen Blog gefunden hatte keine karte von dir. Einen leser mehr =)