Thursday, July 4, 2013

Berlin Fashion Week: MALAIKARAISS Spring/Summer'14

On my way out from the Malaikaraiss show during Berlin Fashion Week a friend came to me and said "You liked the show right? It was so you!". Indeed it was! During my internship at the WALD store I got in touch with the Berlin brand's clothes quite closely and so it was even more exciting to see their new collection and to think about what pieces might be available at WALD next year.
I could have slipped into every second complete outfit (which is a very good rate, since I can be very picky concerning whole looks). Although the pink made the collection seem a lot girlier than usual, but mature feminine since designer Malaika Raiss contrasted with elegant women suit-like pieces.
Favourite style of the show is the black-white plus abstract geometric pattern combination because it still very much carries the freshness and coolness of the show in January. All in all great show! Thanks for having me, xx

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  1. I want that tube dress (top middle pic) so badly! It's gorgeous!!