Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Berlin Fashion Week: ISABELL DE HILLERIN Backstage&Show

After this fashion week I can officially say that Isabell de Hillerin is my favourite Berlin fashion designer! After the great collaboration I was naturally looking forward to the show but what their team mounted was pure fascination. Designers showing at "The Stage" normally organize installations - means models placed in certain formations for the whole showing time. Isabell de Hillerin on the other hand chose to do a traditional little runway show before the actual installation. The small space was beautifully built and decorated inspired by the big Parisian fashion shows. And then the music... lovely tunes (among others my earworm: Django Unchained Soundtrack "Freedom")!
Enough about the beauty around - what gave me real goosebumps (no kidding) were the clothes. Isabell exceeded herself this time, especially expressing what I and probably everyone at the show loves about her designs. They are all so wearable, clean and combinable clothes with typical embroidered details where you can see that they were made with love and passion. Consider the creme last top in my pictures as absolutely handmade and guess with me how many hours of work were used on the embroidery. 

Colour palette = lilac, orange, creme, grey, stonewashed black <3
Style = as always feminine, sophisticated and cool <3
Make-Up = strong orange and red lips <3
Favourite pieces = lilac silk jumper & cream embroidered shirt top <3
Goodies = delicious Lebensbaum Tea again  <3
Backstage experience = Thank you so much for the great opportunity to finally see Berlin Fashion Week from behind the scenes <3

More of wonderful Isabell de Hillerin >>here<<


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  1. The shoes are gorgeous!