Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Berlin Fashion Week: FRANZISKA MICHAEL

Sporty, cool and humorous. Franziska Michael Spring/Summer 2014 collection in three words. A refreshing ensemble of white, lime green, rust brown and black. Especially the lime green will find a good place in my closet if you ask me. Franziska Michael designed some very wearable pieces all with the special something. Imagine the lime green patterned shirt with rectangle cut-out at the seam combined to a pair of skinny jeans and heels or a complementing trend of next season would be the fancy bermuda shorts preferably in white and cool sneakers for a more casual everyday look.
Franziska Michael chose a more fashion but humorous style. Straight sillhouettes worn with crocs! The crocs have been the talk of day afterwards - a lot of imcomprehension from the audience but I loved her idea of bringing some nerdy fun feature into her otherwise beautiful show. There is nothing that makes a presentation more perfect than imperfection!

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