Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Berlin Fashion Week: BREAD&BUTTER DIARY

During Berlin Fashion Week I couldn't resist to take some time for a long stroll around the Bread&Butter fashion fair. I visited all-time favourite brands and some of my blog cooperation partners at their stalls and also found some new personal tips.
In this post I want to feature four of them!


I am a Converse fan from the first minute. Have worn the typical chucks for as long as I can remember. The white low top chuck is still one of my favourite shoe ever! Their B&B stall definitely doesn't lack of creativity. Top feature was the fun activity: colouring canvas tote bags! Love it.


My recent collaboration with Fashiolista and Pepe Jeans London was one of the most fun cooperations i had on the blog so far. Therefore I simply had to stop and say hello at their stall. See there, they had a beautiful place built up with market stalls to display their latest collection, with flowers plants and even a small greenhouse. 


When the Swiss bracelet brand Sal Y Limon sent me a personal invitation to their stall I didn't know anything about the brand. Had never heard about it before, but getting to know new brands is always a great thing so I also stopped by their little space. Guess who I met there? The Blonde Salad's Chiara Ferragni herself. Occupied by interview after interview I sadly didn't get the chance to talk to her myself but anyway I had a good chat with the brands absolutely friendly staff!


Last but not least - ! Here I met lovely Isabella, editor of the online shop's magazine. So relaxing to sit down and just talk about all the experiences and impressions - exchanging must-sees. Thanks for the time and the nice article on mybestbrands dear Isabella! 

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