Friday, May 17, 2013


Shopping with my readers - that was really fun the other day! For the ones who missed it: I was on the lookout for a new denim shorts for summer and had to decide between two rocking styles from Australian brand One Teaspoon. One high-waisted plain black and a low-waisted quite oversized with croco pattern. I posted the options on my socials and asked for your advice. My Insta-darlinhs voted for the black one, on Facebook it was half-half and my WALD-Girls wanted the croco. So in the end I just decided from my heart out and ended up with the beauty you see on these pictures.
I am super happy! 

PS: The shorts are available in the WALD online shop >>here<< & with this code (WALD32C) you will get 50€ off any purchase starting at 150€ until 31.05.13! Happy shopping to you aswell ;-)

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