Friday, May 31, 2013

Behind-the-Scenes of a magazine photoshoot

Two months of my internship at PurpurStyling/Wald Berlin are unfortunately already over! Time runs so fast when there is so much activity going on at the store and with Dana and her styling. One of the best memories yet was the first photoshoot for the WALD Fashion Issue no.3 (which is about to be published in October, so you a getting a veery exclusive preview today).
What I loved about this experience was that although we all mostly didn't know each other in the team, everything ran smoothly right from the beginning. So happy to be part of this. But just saying: the real work of a photoshoot aren't documented here. All the preparations from organising all samples (sounds easier as it is because sometimes you just need to write three or five reminder messages per pr agent), organising the right backgrounds (or location), food for the crew and so much more needs tons and hours of work and strength.
Nevertheless, the result in the end should be priceless. I can't wait to see the final pictures in the magazine then!

Enjoy the pictures, xx

my territory during the shoot: organizing and taking care of the most gorgeous clothes

Sara Merz, photography

Dana Roski, Stylist & Production

Sophie Uehla, Hair

Ewa, Make-Up

Johannes, helping hand ;-)

me, asisstant & making-of photography (and catering haha :-P)

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  1. Hey!
    I know, this is no question about the post (but,yeah i like it♥) so,are you from england or from germany? i don't check, so...

    I also want to say you,that i love your blog and, were does you've touch on in the first pic?^^

    I hope you make more like this and yes,

    great greetings and i love U♥

    1. Hi there :-) thanks so much for the comment! I'm based in Berlin, Germany but am collaborating a lot with English brands since I loove them ;-)
      all the best, xx

    2. Oh thanks for the answer!And i only ask because ask me how anybody can speak so good English:D♥xoxoxo