Sunday, April 7, 2013


Wow the first week of my internship at Wald Berlin is already over! It was a really busy time since I was alone with Dana and Joyce (the two owners - the other Wald Girls are currently on vacation) but I think I balanced the learning and helping part quite good. I hope I did! 
It's definitely great to be in intern in such a family-like team, it's an amazing atmosphere and I get to peek in every field of the store.
Still I am glad to have a day off today to recharge some energy for next week which will be even more exciting. A photoshoot, the planning of an event and furnituring the new office are on the list. 

Today I want to show you one of the outfits I wore last week for work. After settling in the first couple of days I managed to take some outfit photos during my break (thanks Yuliya so so much for coming by) the other day. A layered sporty cool look! How do you like it? 

Happy Sunday xx

  • scarf - Zara
  • quilted jacket - Jake's
  • denim jacket - H&M (old)
  • sweater - Madonna
  • grey top - Cheap Monday
  • skirt - H&M Basic
  • boots - Boohoo
  • bag - Topshop

photography// Yuliya Maltseva

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  1. great look ;)


  2. süßer Outfit, hübsche ! und leider hab ich dich am Samstag irgendwie nicht gesehen (oder doch?), wir haben nämlich einen gemeinsamen Freund, wie es sich neulich herausfand. Die Welt ist wirklich klein ! Woher kennst du Ruben? :)

    Liebst,A. :*