Monday, April 29, 2013

Muubaa presents WALD Magazine no.2 Launch Party

Hello people! I am so sorry for the lack of update in the last couple days. The reason for my absence was the WALD Magazine no.2 Launch Party. Going to events is always one positive fun part of being a fashion blogger. Organising an event due to my internship at the Berlin WALD store is completely different. Not that it is not fun, making up ideas (when it comes to decoration, a special activity for the guests, the goodie bags etc.) but reaslising them is honestly a long process of hard work. We have been running around the city to buy all kinds of stuff, making calls again and again - thus I have been falling tiredly into bed every day after work last week. The nearer the event the more nervous I become when things aren't done yet, but still I give my best to suppress the inner tension. The other WALD girls and me are just the most awesome team I guess!

And Thursday was the big day of the party! Co-hosted by amazing fashion brand Muubaa (famous for the most dazzling leather creations) and Agency V we had the coolest night. I also managed to take a few photos for you in between working, talking to friends and pushing a shopping cart full of drinks very loudly all the way from the supermarket to the store! 

We couldn't have celebrated the launch of our new house-owned magazine in a better way, xx

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