Sunday, December 9, 2012

VIEWS fashion app sneak preview

Did you ever browse through the web, discovered some adorable fashion piece and there is no hint on where to get it? That era might soon be over because a new handy fashion app for iPhone will prevent everyone from that situation. Last Wednesday a bunch of Berlin bloggers, designers and people who work in fashion got together at the Friendly Society store to get an exclusive sneak peak into the system.
From what I have seen and heard, I would describe it as a mixture out of Instagram (immediate sharing, similiar photo filter), Pinterest (post things you like on boards) and Google Maps (get the store address and directions how best to get there). As you might know I am not an owner of Apple iPhone so I didn't get the chance to try myself. Why don't you do instead and post experiences under this post? Lucky Berliners can download the beta version on request here
The app officially launches in January for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin in my beloved home city - expansions to New York and then the world are planned. ;)

As always on such events I got to spent a happy time with friends, got to know new people like Elena from Superior Magazine and simply enjoyed watching the beautiful jewellery, bags and extraordinary fashion Friendly Society is selling (vintage and small Berlin labels). I decided to wear a look in mainly earth-colors for the occasion. Urban Berlin chic.

Deutsche Übersetzung folgt gegen Mittag :)

Lois und Laura

  • jumper, skirt - H&M
  • beanie - DIY H&M Men beanie (soon tutorial on the blog)
  • boots - street Schuhe
  • earrings - Primark
  • bag, scarf - unknown


  1. What a beautiful beanie! @_@ ;))
    I like your style!

    1. Thanks I customized it myself :) There will be a tutorial soon on how I did it ;D xx

  2. Ein tolles Outfit, das du kreiert hast!

    Liebste Grüße von Samorous!!

    1. Oh danke, es freut mich, dass es dir gefällt! :))

  3. wirklich tolles Outfit und du bist echt hübsch! liebste grüße,Carla-Laetitia ♥von:

    1. aw wie süß hihi, da werd ich ja ganz rot :))

  4. you are so pretty and your style is amazing! love your blog!!

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