Thursday, November 15, 2012

EVENING WITH ANNLYX - Huskies, Fur & Ann-Christine Swetje

How came that I had a photo session with Huskys?
A few weeks ago the invitation to the AnnLyx Grand Opening Press Event landed on my doorstep. AnnLyx is a brand new label by stunning designer Ann-Christine Swetje who grew up in Berlin but is currently about to finish her fashion design study at a school in Denmark.

Not knowing what kind of fashion I could expect I researched on the internet a little bit and found out that their items are made with fur. Before this day I was not really confronted with that aspect of the fashion world. Is it cruel to wear real fur? Or is it okay? Because if I would be against it, I should rather not support them by going, right?
Why I went anyway has the reason that I came to the the following position:
Ann-Christin Swetje & me
The fur comes from animals that we people cultured especially for fur workmanship. As is the meat I eat every day and the real leather I occasionally wear (let's face it I am obessed with everything leather and often it is just not fake). I came to the decission that I am good with real fur as long as it is not mass-produced, traded fair and in good hands like in Ann-Christine Swetje's.
I mean I admire and value all the vegans and true animal friends out there a lot! Many of my friends are - but still I had to find my own viewpoint and I hope you accept it and focus on the beautiful scandinavian inspired designs with me now.

During the evening we got to look closely at all the different variations of their Hooded Scarf, try them on ourselves and have a photo session wie huskies. I absolutely fell in love with the "Noblesse" model in creme with rabbit fur and chocolate-brown leather details - I couldn't let go of it for the whole event haha!
What I love about AnnLyx is that they use all their ressources to the fullest. For example they launched the second article, the Furry USB Necklaces for people who tend to loose USB devices (oh Lord how many times I lost my many ones!)  for which they process remains of the fur they made the scarfs with.
Timeless high quality pieces with both Scandinavian and German influences
- I adore!

Lyly & Dan during their photo session with the huskies
results: with Caro // with Mia // again with Caro (photographed by Kristoffer Swetje)

If you are up for an AnnLyx piece of your own now, I can provide you with this code to save 20€ on your order >> IYWU–L8LM–1P7J

Happy Shopping or simply have a nice weekend!


  1. huskies are my absolute favourite type of dog! Love the photos :) Looks like so much fun!
    Do stop by my blog; would love to have your thoughts on y latest post.
    x Mariana |

    1. Thanks, yes it was such a blast! :)

  2. das ist aber ein cooles Event - die Fotos sind spitze! :)

  3. coolio!!!! Hatte auch eine tolle Zeit mit dir! hab's immer noch nicht geschafft darüber zu bloggen - arbeite zuviel :(((
    kommst du zu Millis und meinem Event?

    1. Ich würde unheimlich gerne kommen, hab an dem Abend eigtl schon war vor, mal sehen ob ich es schaffe kurz vorbei zu schauen :)

  4. Wow it looks really good, I like the products, and I like your conclusion about fur and fur products. The USB necklace is a cool idea, and I think the fur balls look really funny :), I need to check these products out! -Jenna

  5. Ooohhh, love those furry giants! I'd love to own a husky one day...