Saturday, December 10, 2011

DIY: Silver Shoes

This week I was in crafting mood. After I specialised the giveaway bag (you can still enter the giveaway - and you definitely should - the satchel is gorgeous, I feel like not showcasing it good enough for you) I thought about a DIY project. Browsing on Mango's online shop I found those brogues and the idea just popped into my mind.
These winter days you can find a lot of summer shoes on sale in the backmost corners of shoe shops. I for example found those flowery ones for 4.95€. With a few utensils, hand grips and patience I recreated Mango's broques into similiar non-broques.

Step 1: Find a pair of shoes no matter how unattractive the pattern might be

Step 2: Use silver acrylic lacquer (can be found in any art supplies shop) for an all over undercoat

Step 3: After the silver dried you can add the pattern with the help of black acrylic lacquer (apply the silver dots after the black dried)

Step 4: After letting everything dry again, apply gloss varnish regularly all over the shoes

Step 5: Most important (or the colour won't uphold so long) spray a moisture blocker (can be found in most regular shoe shops)

Don't hesitate and ask me if you have questions about this DIY in the comment spot.

Try it out yourself and have fun!:)


  1. Die Blümchenschuhe sind ja süß:) Gefällt mir!

    Schau doch auch mal bei mir vorbei, würd mich freuen!

  2. ich fand sie vorher auch echt besser.sorry.aber ansich ne coole idee.

  3. last Christmas I got myself a silver shoes. Love them. =)

  4. It´s very famouse DIY idea,but it´s very great.You have got nice shoes now.I want do DIY miu miu shoes :)
    Follow my blog :)

  5. @Fashionobsession-mieni & zu_viel: Na klar das ist Geschmacksache. Für mich ist das Blumenmuster zu girlymäßig. Dagegen liebe ich meine neuen Silberschuhe ;) Auf jeden Fall danke fürs kommentieren.

  6. clever job!!

  7. Impressive! you had a very good idea!

  8. WOW! you did such a great job!! :)
    i saw a great DIY yesterday on how to make glitter flats. aaaah i need to try it out!
    XX jannu

  9. These are absolutely gorgeous! Brilliant idea!

  10. These shoes look great...thanks for sharing!

  11. great idea!

  12. wow! das is ja ne suuuper idee!!!!
    ich find die schuhe an sich naemlich total schoen..aber dieses ganze gebluemchen dingens nervt mich total..die sind wirklich wirklich gut geworden!! :)